The Jardin d’enfants well established in the Goyette-Hill park chalet

Quick and efficient installation

Following the request for an emergency evacuation of the John-Sleeth Community and Cultural Center sent to its occupants last Thursday, the pre-kindergarten was relocated the next day thanks to the quick work of the Town employees in the Goyette-Hill park chalet.

The premises were promptly set up and were able to welcome the children on Tuesday, as usual. “We are delighted to have had no interruption of services,” comments Chantal Renaud, President of the Board of Directors of Jardin d’enfants. “We are well settled for now, although it is temporary until mid-June. We have all the games nearby and on top of that, it’s much more convenient not to have a floor to climb because it’s difficult when you have a stroller with a baby.”

Watching the children yesterday play in the park on a beautiful sunny morning, you can see that they haven’t had any adjustment problems. The two educators Christine and Gabriela made every effort to go forward in a positive manner to ensure a good continuity of activities for the children. Their new playroom in the chalet is very inviting.

To contact the Jardin d’enfants

“To contact us, the best way at present is to write to us by email at [email protected], explains Chantal, because registrations for next year have started and our telephone line has not been yet transferred.”

The park chalet closed to the public

Due to the presence of the Jardin d’enfants, the park chalet is completely closed to the public. Only the outdoor toilets are accessible to the public. Thank you for respecting these temporary arrangements and the peace of the children and educators.

Continuous monitoring of the other organizations

The Town remains in constant contact with the four other organizations of the John-Sleeth Center in order to jointly find alternative solutions allowing the maintenance of their services.