The Town of Sutton declares its commitment to democracy and respect

At the town council meeting of February 1, 2021, Council adopted through resolution Sutton’s commitment to “Respect in Democracy is Respecting Democracy”. This initiative is part of a national campaign launched on January 18 by the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) with the aim of promoting municipal democracy and the respect of its institutions.

With this declaration, the Town of Sutton publicly recognizes the fundamental values ​​of democracy that support many freedoms, including the freedom of expression. Aggression or intimidation, therefore, has no place in the exchanges or debates, which serve as the expression of a healthy and respectful democracy. The municipality is committed to the mutual respect of people in the public arena.

“With the municipal elections set to take place on November 7 in Quebec, it is important to demonstrate council members’ political commitment to encourage new candidates to run,” said Sutton Mayor Michel Lafrance. “It is also essential, in order to move forward collectively, to encourage all actors of democracy to behave with respect to one another: the citizens, the elected people who represent them and the staff of the administration that serves them.”

Resolution 2021-02-035 – Adhésion à la déclaration d’engagement sur la démocratie et le respect (in French only) ) + Translation of the Declaration itself