The Town of Sutton fills five positions

The last council meeting approved the hiring of five new employees by the Town of Sutton. The town’s administration team is proud and happy to welcome its new colleagues in the following departments:


Communications Coordinator Position: Ms. Isabelle Capmas takes office immediately after having already assumed these responsibilities for the last five months as an external consultant. A resident of Sutton for 19 years, Isabelle has always worked in the event and business service. She is adding the experience she has accumulated within the municipality to her writing and communication skills to set up a new council-approved communications service.


Receptionist-Cashier Position: Ms. Jessica Greenshield will join the team on March 8, 2021. A young mother from Sutton, Jessica has always worked in customer service. She also has accounting experience which will stand her in good stead in her new position.

Treasury-Accountant Position: Annick Thériault, who previously held the position of town receptionist, will become treasury bookkeeper as soon as Ms. Greenshield takes up her new duties. Annick has been working for the Town of Sutton for the last two years.

Public Works

Foreman Position: Ms. Sophie Patry will join the team on March 22. She has solid experience as a foreman: Since 2016, she has been in charge of parks, horticulture, arboriculture, roads and buildings for the City of Montreal covering the Sud-Ouest and Saint-Léonard as well as for the City of Westmount. Before that, she was a long-time project manager in the fields of horticulture and landscaping.

Urban and Land Use Planning

Building Inspector Position: Antoine Gauthier-Grégoire will join the team on April 19, after completing his current planning and town planning training. He was a trainee inspector for the City of Farnham last summer, where his field experience reinforced his knowledge and interest in sustainable development in rural areas. Passionate about forest environments and outdoor activities, Antoine has also studied sociology and he has facilitated workshops in cycling mechanics.