The Town of Sutton launches a campaign against vandalism

Faced with an abnormal increase in acts of vandalism committed in Sutton this summer, the Town has undertaken an awareness campaign aimed at drawing the attention of the entire population to this disturbing phenomenon.

A flyer mailed to all homes

Today, all Sutton residents received by mail a call to stop vandalism accompanied by a message from the mayor Robert Benoît. The key word of this campaign is #suttonrespect, because this is what we all want in our community: respect for each other, respect for our municipal infrastructures, respect for our businesses, our homes, our environment.

The Town has taken action and continues to work with community stakeholders to find ways to stop these acts of vandalism and prevent them in the future.

In the meantime, it is everyone’s responsibility to come forward with any information that could help identify the individuals who committed these criminal acts. The Sûreté du Québec provides a free and confidential telephone number: 310-4141. Calls are anonymous.

Posters distributed in several places in the town

Five posters have been put up in various locations to denounce the heinous acts that have been committed recently.

They want to point out the absurdity and futility of the actions, knowing that more serious crimes have also been committed such as break-ins and thefts at several businesses. This has to stop!

Vandalism is everyone’s business

We are all concerned, as citizens, neighbours, parents, grandparents, friends, professionals.

We need to raise awareness among the youth around us and pay attention to situations that can lead to vandalism. Neighbourhood watch committees used to exist and could be re-established. A cultural mediation project aimed at legal graffiti activities for youth is in preparation. Focus groups with young people aged 10 to 25 are being considered to find ideas and develop initiatives that could prevent this phenomenon that creates a feeling of insecurity.

Thank you for your collaboration and your vigilance!