The Town of Sutton welcomes its new Director of Public Works and Fixed Assets

On April 3, the municipal council confirmed the hiring of Yvan Giroux as head of the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department. The mayor praised Giroux’s arrival and rapid adaptation to the job at the same time as the presentation of work on the Western Street (North) site, the previous week.

In fact, Mr. Giroux has solid experience of the job after eleven years as Director of Public Works for the Town of Richelieu. As soon as he arrived, he was able to throw himself into the deep end of the Western Street project, already contributing his invaluable knowledge of similar projects.

His initial training as a civil engineering technician was enriched over the course of a career spanning more than thirty years in the field, the first twenty of which were spent in the private sector with companies such as Videotron Télécom, Hydro-Québec and Genivar. “I was seduced by the challenges to be met in Sutton, which has a vast territory to serve, with its own water and sewer system and kilometers of roads,” commented the new manager. “What’s more, being married to an English-speaking woman, I’m sensitive to the municipality’s bilingual status, which I find stimulating. I hope to put all my experience to good use for the team, where I was able to instantly appreciate the dynamism and great atmosphere.”

Congratulations and welcome in our team to Yvan Giroux!