Trees toppled by the wind

The storm in early January caused several trees to be uprooted and blown over by extreme winds.

No authorization is required to cut up and remove a wind thrown tree if it has been completely overturned.

For residents located in urban perimeters (Mountain sector, Village sector, Sutton Junction) or other residential sectors, if a tree has been uprooted and blown over on your property, we invite you to take a photo and keep it before cutting and removing it. These photos will serve to demonstrate that the tree has been blown down by strong winds.

However, if the tree is still standing and only one or a few branches have broken off, if you wish to cut down the entire tree you will first need authorization from the Town.

Authorization is also required, for the entire territory, if the cutting of fallen trees covers a cumulative area of 0.5 ha (5,000 m2) or more.

In addition, if you notice trees that have fallen into a watercourse and may be obstructing its flow, please contact us. A representative of the Urban Planning and/or Public Works Department will visit the site to assess the situation. Please note that no heavy machinery may access the banks of watercourses (10 m to 15 m on each side) in order to protect these sensitive environments.

Pour toute question ou pour nous envoyer vos photos ou demandes d’autorisation, écrivez à : [email protected].