Two Sutton volunteers honored!

The Town of Sutton is proud to announce that Dashiele Haskin and Roland Degani, two volunteers involved in Sutton’s cultural organizations, have been honoured respectively with the Volunteer-Quebec Tribute award and the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Seniors!

This winter, the Recreation, Community Life and Culture Department officially recognized Dashiele Haskin’s outstanding involvement in our community by nominating her for the Volunteer-Quebec Tribute 2024 award. Although her application was unsuccessful, she is the proud recipient of an honorary certificate in recognition of her community commitment. Not only is she the heart of the Ballet-Théâtre Sutton cultural organization, she is also involved in the follow-up committee for our Cultural Policy and Action Plan update.

The Volunteer-Quebec Tribute award recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations in their communities. They recognize the important contribution made by volunteers to the improvement of our society in every region of Quebec.

Since 2019, Ms. Haskin has been actively involved in founding the NPO Ballet-Théâtre Sutton (BTS) to enable Sutton’s kids to practice classical ballet as well as other forms of performing arts. She is not only founder, but also coordinator, administrator, manager, stage director, set designer and many other related tasks. Her enthusiasm is infectious! With her team spirit, she is able to bring together a variety of collaborators (Sutton Primary School, Les Villas des Monts, Espace Sutton, etc.), as well as teachers and volunteers to help her realize the organization’s mission. Her ability to adapt and her tenacity ensured that BTS survived the pandemic and can now offer ballet and theater classes, as well as two annual shows that are always presented to sold-out audiences.

Her dedication to the organization is remarkable. Dashiele Haskin has a very important place in our community. She participates in the education of young people through performing arts, enabling them to surpass and discover themselves, learn an artistic discipline, develop self-esteem and foster collaboration and mutual support so that they can all reach their full potential.

Honorary certificate for the Volunteer-Quebec Tribute 2024 award. For Mrs. Dashiele Haskin, presented by Mayor Robert Benoît.

Sutton citizen decorated with the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Seniors!

It is with great pride that the Town of Sutton underlines the honour bestowed on Roland Degani on May 12: Sutton resident Roland Degani received the Quebec Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Seniors from the Honourable Manon Jeannotte, in recognition of his remarkable volunteer commitment to our community. Mr. Degani was nominated by the Town’s Recreation, Community Life and Culture Department, for which Roland has volunteered for many years, including organizing the Fête nationale du Québec in Sutton. In addition, his commitment as a volunteer with Espace Sutton ensures that the Sutton community has access to many unique and unifying cultural events and activities

For over 20 years, his involvement at both the administrative and hands-on levels has enabled Suttonnais to discover local artists as well as various and innovative artistic practices. One of its strengths is to forge solid and durable bonds not only between organizations, but also between the people who get involved and participate in the activities it organizes.

Mr. Degani was the instigator of several rallying projects, including : Coordination and management of the Fête nationale du Québec in Sutton. Les Tableaux Vivants, which consisted in reproducing, on a human scale, classic works of art (sets, costumes, characters and accessories) in which the characters came to life.  As a great visionary, Roland Degani has accompanied and shared his experience with passionate people who dreamed of a traditional music festival, which today has become the Sutton Traditional Fiddle Festival, now in its 11th year.

He has also shared his knowledge of organizational coordination and management with the École de Ballet classique de Sutton, which has now become Ballet-Théâtre Sutton. His role as a cultural ambassador for young people at the Sutton day camp and Sutton elementary school ensures that they are sensitive to culture and artistic practice.

Last but not least, Roland Degani was able to combine the two main pillars of the Town of Sutton, culture and nature, with the creation of the Balades et mélodies project, which combined classical singing and nature walks. Today, Sutton’s creative heart regularly uses the term Culture-nature to describe the strength of our artistic and cultural milieu, a proof that he has left his mark in the Sutton’s cultural landscape.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Seniors featuring the coat of arms of Quebec: the three fleurs-de-lis (French Regime), the leopard (British Regime) and the sprig of maple leaves (Canadian period).

Honorary certificate accompanying the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Seniors. For Mr. Roland Degani, presented by Mayor Robert Benoît.