You must apply for a burning permit before starting an outdoor fire!

With the long weekend ahead and spring just around the corner, you’ll probably want to build a fire to burn your dead leaves and branches. The public safety department would like to remind you that you must apply for a burning permit on our website before starting any outdoor wood fires. You should also check SOPFEU’s fire danger index to find out whether or not it is authorized that day!

Burning permit application

Cick on the link to the permit application form to be completed online directly on the Town’s website.

Or, if you are unable to fill out the online form, please call the Town Hall at 450 538-2290 and they will take your information.

SOPFEU fire danger index to check

Before you build a fire, you should check the fire danger safety index on the Twon’s website by going to the Burn Permit box on the home page: look at where the cursor is located in the color line of the Fire Danger window.

For example, if the cursor is on orange as in the image below, the risk is very high! It is therefore forbidden to light a fire.

Otherwise, you can also go on the SOPFEU website by entering the name of the town of Sutton: you will see the color appear for our municipality.

Thank you for your cooperation and your vigilance!