A look back at the September 6 Town Council meeting

On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, the Town held its monthly council meeting. Here is the specific information we wish to communicate to our citizens. 

Adoption of three urban planning draft by-laws

The three draft by-laws concern short-term rentals and, in the case of the first by-law, accessory dwellings:

  • Adoption of draft by-law number 115-17-2023 entitled “By-law amending Zoning By-law number 115-2, as amended, in order to integrate provisions relating to accessory dwelling units and lodging establishments as principal residences and tourist residences” (in French only): adopted by a majority vote.
  • Adoption of draft by-law number 188-2-2023 entitled “By-law amending Conditional Use By-law number 188, in order to integrate provisions relating to lodging establishments in tourist residences” (in French only): adopted by a majority vote.
  • Adoption of draft by-law number 251-6-2023 entitled “By-law amending Permits and Certificates By-law 251, as amended, to include provisions respecting lodging establishments for principal residences and tourist homes” (in French only): adopted unanimously

The next step in the process of adopting these by-laws will be public consultation, as required by law. This is scheduled for September 27. Citizens will then have the opportunity to ask questions and/or make comments following the presentation.

Adoption of a reserve notice for public purposes on the Villa Châteauneuf property

The Town has tabled and adopted the imposition of a notice of reservation for public purposes in respect to lot 4 849 664 currently occupied by the Foyer de Charité “Villa Châteauneuf” located at the corner of rue Principale Nord and chemin Dyer. As explained in detail by Mayor Robert Benoît, a letter was sent on August 10 to all members of the Villa Châteauneuf Board of Directors to request a meeting and inform them of the Town’s interest in pursuing the educational and community vocation of this building and the land it occupies. Indeed, the site, which is currently winding down its activities, could meet the needs and demands of our community for a multifunctional cultural and community center, since it has spaces and equipment perfectly suited to such a gathering place. The mayor underlined how fortunate the Sutton community had been to have such a venue for over a hundred years, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Eugene A. Dyer, who donated the land to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary in 1911.

Having received no response to the letter, and considering the great importance of the site in its eyes, the Council decided to exercise its right to reserve land, which would eventually enable it to acquire the lot. The land reserve notice is for a period of two years, renewable for a further two years.

The Town hopes to be able to meet quickly with the Governing Board and/or the current owners to consider a project that will benefit our entire community.

Council meeting interrupted

Unfortunately, the Council meeting of September 6 had to be momentarily paused due to the agitation of a member of the public. Police assistance had to be called in to ensure a climate conducive to the resumption of the meeting and the serene work of the municipal team. However, calm had returned by the time the police arrived, and the meeting resumed as normal.

The Town deplores this highly regrettable situation. It reminds us that, while everyone is free to express their opinions, all citizens are required to do so calmly and with restraint, respecting those present as well as municipal rules of conduct.