Adoption of Regulation RM 410 concerning animal control: the council withdraws for the moment section 5 concerning hens and henhouses

When the new by-law RM 410 was adopted yesterday, the council withdrew the entire section 5 on hens and henhouses presented for the first time on December 7, 2020. It wishes to review all these provisions to reach a consensus regarding the interest of citizens and the particularities of our environment.

According to the citizens survey (see publication of December 10, 2020), nearly 80% of the 119 respondents said they were in favor of keeping chickens in authorized areas. The many comments, however, prompted the council to delay its decision so as to consider expanding the legislation to farmyard animals in general, and the use of existing buildings for rearing such animals. The question of whether dogs and cats should be were sterilized was also postponed.

It should be remembered that the intention of these future provisions is mainly to provide a framework for practices that are already widely tolerated to ensure animal welfare, and the maintenance of good neighborly relations. The Town thanks all the citizens who participated in the democratic exercise of the survey.