Council adopts amendment to By-law No. 215 to reduce and harmonize speed limits

In light of the many complaints and petitions received from many citizens concerning excessive driving speeds on our roads, the council adopted an amendment to By-law no. 215 relating to speed limits permitted on the Town of Sutton’s roads (in French only).

“We wanted to take a global look at our speed limits, consistent with our territory,” commented Mayor Michel Lafrance at the July 5th council meeting.

Following a case-by-case review of all 167 public roads under the control of the municipality several roads have had their speed limits reduced, these roads are highlighted in yellow in the  amended Appendix A of By-law no. 215. The appendix lists roads alphabetically by speed limit category of 30 km/h, 50 km/h, 60 km/h and 80 km/h. Maps by sector, with the different speed limits shown in colour, are also included in the appendix and help to understand the objective of increasing citizen safety while being coherent across the wide range of roads, and their usage, found on our territory.

It will take some time to replace existing signs with the new speed limits and the Town asks residents to be patient during this time. Council hopes that these new measures, supported by police enforcement, will provide increased safety for all road users. The population is asked to respect speed limits especially out of consideration for our many walkers and cyclists who are more vulnerable in the case of an accident.