Forgot your fourth tax instalment? Keep it civil!

Many Sutton homeowners hadn’t noticed that their tax bill was payable in four instalments this year, instead of the previous three. This has created some confusion… and unfortunately, for some, unacceptable behavior at the Town Hall front desk reception.

A new measure to help you

As announced during the presentation of the 2023 budget, whether at the council meeting, in the official press release or in the leaflet mailed out with the tax bill, the council had decided to allow municipal taxes to be paid in 4 instalments instead of 3. This new measure, which was welcomed, was designed to spread out the payments to ease the tax burden on taxpayers. The fourth and final instalment was due on October 13.

Despite the number of 4 detachable coupons on the tax bill, many taxpayers didn’t notice and were surprised to receive a non-payment notice. Some realized their mistake, others reacted agressively.

Unacceptable aggressive behaviour

In the past, we have already denounced the lack of civility towards elected representatives and members of the administration, and called for respect, courtesy and kindness. However, in connection with these late payments, our reception staff were subjected to unacceptable verbal abuse and insults.

Under no circumstances should our employees be subjected to disrespectful behavior on the part of citizens! Subject to filing a complaint, action will be taken against those responsible for such behaviour.

Zero tolerance

We reiterate that we do NOT tolerate violence against our staff or elected officials. We can understand that a notice of non-payment, especially involuntary, can cause stress, but the best approach is to ask for explanations in a civilized, respectful and calm manner, so that we can assist you.

Together, let’s keep our community caring and respectful.

Reminder of our campaign message on civility and politeness