Unveiling of “LE SPOT” urban mural

The Town of Sutton and the Maison des jeunes de Sutton (MDJ) are proud to present the first urban mural created as part of the LE MUR I THE WALL cultural mediation project. The collective work, created by eight young people from the MDJ and called LE SPOT, was unveiled at a vernissage on November 14. It is currently installed in the park of the John-Sleeth Cultural and Community Centre.

LE SPOT urban mural temporarily installed in the park of the John-Sleeth Cultural and Community Centre

An eagerly awaited unveiling

Nearly 50 people attended the inauguration of the mural to admire the work of the young participants. The unveiling took place in the presence of Julia Girard-Desbiens, representing Isabelle Charest, MNA for Brome-Missisquoi and Minister responsible for Sport, Recreation and Outdoors, the entire Town Council, several members of the administration including Town General Director Pascal Smith, the artist who collaborated on the work, Boris Biberdzic, and, from the Maison des jeunes, its interim director Jacques Veys, the two animators, as well as the young people and parents.

The vernissage was an opportunity for the Town of Sutton to explain the artistic, innovative and participative approach of this urban mural project, to which new works should be added in the future.

The LE SPOT mural has been installed since today in the park of the John-Sleeth Community and Cultural Centre, near Place Rosanne-Cohen.

Meaning of LE SPOT mural

The young participants decided to call the work LE SPOT in reference to the Maison des jeunes (MDJ) and also to celebrate the memory of Ms. Gwen Badham, MDJ director for over 17 years, who passed away last July. The urban mural, with its characters having fun and supporting each other, is a tribute to the values that Gwen conveyed to young people and the community: respect for oneself and others, a sense of security and a caring presence. The pool table represents Gwen’s encounters with young people at the Spot, where she acted as confidante, comfort, support and guide. The lollipop represents Gwen’s last gift to the kids before closing the MDJ for the summer. Finally, the bright colors symbolize the energy of the young people who attend and participate in the activities of the Maison des jeunes.

A collective creation in several stages

The creation of the LE SPOT mural is the fruit of three meetings between the young participants, professional artist Boris Biberdzic and Town cultural officer Marie-Claude Plasse.

The first meeting allowed the group to discover the history of urban art and its significance as a communication tool for formulating a message. The young people then discussed the subject they wanted to represent on the mural.

At the second meeting, Mr. Biberdzic presented the group with a visual proposal inspired by the subjects proposed by the young people. A few changes were made in line with their suggestions.

At the third meeting, the mural was painted collectively inside the chalet in Goyette-Hill Park, as it was impossible to work outside due to the cold temperatures. The work thus appeared in all its vivid colors, ready for unveiling on November 14.


The Leisure, Community Life and Culture Department would like to extend its warmest thanks to the contributors to this project: the Board of Directors, management and animators of the Maison des jeunes de Sutton, the young people who took part in the project: Arnaud, Ellie, Gael, Lorielle, Max, Noah, Solay and Tristan, the artist Boris Biberdzic, and the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department of the Town of Sutton.

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