Drinking water in Sutton (#2 of 4) – Residential and commercial use and consequences of overuse

4 May 2023

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) of the Town of Sutton presents a series of 4 information capsules on the theme of drinking water, its availability,…

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Drinking water in Sutton (#1 of 4) – Portrait of the situation

21 April 2023

In the context of 2023 Earth Day, the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) of the Town of Sutton is launching a series of 4 informative capsules…

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Do you know these financial aids from the Quebec government to help reduce your GHG emissions?

16 February 2023

In order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and the fight against climate change, the Government of Quebec offers financial assistance…

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Cutting and collecting windthrows (fallen trees)

27 January 2023

A storm of extreme winds hit Sutton and its surroundings on December 23rd. Thousands of trees were broken, uprooted, or knocked down by these winds.…

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Let’s reduce light pollution!

2 September 2022

In keeping with the Town’s commitment to control certain nuisances on its territory and to ensure a healthy environment while promoting good neighbourliness, actions have…

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Before cutting down a tree…

7 July 2022

Are you thinking of cutting down a tree on your property? In order to protect the trees and the forest cover on the entire territory…

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